Christmas Giftboxes


Small Giftbox One: Multiflora Squeeze 375g, Peanut Butter & Raw Honey 250g, Fudge 150g

Small Giftbox Two: Multiflora Squeeze 375g, Single Source Speciality Honey Jar 340g, Fresh Honeycomb 125g

Medium Giftbox One: Single Source Speciality Squeeze 340g, Raw Honey 360g, Fresh Honeycomb 200g, Fudge 150g

Medium Giftbox Two: Peel’s 3 Honey Selection Pack, Raw Honey 360g, Fresh Honeycomb 125g, Fudge 150g, Peel’s Ceramic Candle and Dipper and folded Peel’s Honey Flight

Available in: medium, medium, small, small


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