Peels Taste Journey

The Taste Journey

Peel’s is South Africa’s oldest honey brand – we only sell 100% pure honey produced by local beekeepers and proudly South African bees. Our honeys are non-irradiated to ensure that our honey retains all its natural benefits and is unadulterated – so it’s all real honey!

The Peel’s story is a journey: one man’s journey, the journey of a honey brand, a taste journey.  We have three ranges – the Travelogue Range, the Farmstall Range and the Legacy Range – each paying homage to the authenticity of Peel’s brand in their own way!

The Travelogue Range will hopefully encourage an appreciation for South Africa’s beekeeping culture and the art of beekeeping in that you realise that our speciality honeys not only offer an adventure in taste but also in texture, smell and colour.  From the golden nectar that is Orange Blossom Honey to the silkiness of Saligna Honey and the nutty flavour of Macadamia Honey, we know that you will soon discover your favourite honey!  This range also includes our Honeycomb… straight from the beehive, pure honey in its most natural form…

Our Travelogue Range invites you to enjoy the taste of pure honey and the breath of flavours imbued through nature’s subtleties!

No road trip is complete without visiting a farmstall on the way; full of delicious raw produce. Rustic wooden crates, honest sacks of potatoes, unpretentious blackboard pricing, a personal touch. We are transported to a simpler time. From nature to the table, we bring you our Farmstall Range.   

Our Farmstall Range keeps things simple!  This includes our familiar squeeze bottle full of Liquid Honey goodness consisting of multiflora honey, our Raw Honey  and Creamed Honey which are jars of golden coloured joy; and, of course, our range of delicious nut butters, including Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Macadamia Butter, and our very own Raw Honey and Peanut Butter Mix.

Our Farmstall Range persuades you to step back into in time and to (re)develop a passion for the simple life! 

A range of artisanal old-world indulgences, inspired by our pioneering founders, Jack and Doris Peel. At the heart of our tasty treats is Doris’ love and commitment to providing sweet delights to travellers at Jack’s landmark stop in the scenic Midlands Meander. Made with pure honey and selected nuts, every honey buy should be accompanied by honey-infused Brittles, Honey Fudge, Honeycomb Rock or our Caramel Crunch!  

Our Legacy Range is a taste of the sweetness of indulgence and reminds us that sometimes life takes a nostalgic turn!

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