1. How do I register to shop online?

Simply navigate to the top right corner on our homepage (see link here) and click on the “person” icon. You will be directed to our Login / Register page. If you are a new customer, select “Register” and the website will guide you through the registration process.

2. What can I use to pay online?

You can pay for your order using any Mastercard and Visa credit card.

3. How does shipping work?

Our courier company will ship your order to you within seven business days and we will update your online profile with your tracking number once your order has been dispatched.
Shipping is free for all orders of more than R500. A fixed cost of R70.00 will be charged for all orders less than R500.

4. How do BeePoints work?

If you purchase any of our products through our Peel’s online shop, you will automatically be registered to participate in our BeePoints loyalty programme. There is no charge or membership fee to join.
You earn one BeePoint for every Rand spent. BeePoints can be redeemed on your next purchase or future purchases (as you elect) on the Peel’s Shop checkout page and one BeePoint is worth R0.05.

5. How do I know if my order has been successfully placed or not?

When your order has been successfully received by our system, you will be directed to a confirmation of order page on our website. An order confirmation will also be sent to the email address you provided. This confirmation indicates that your order has been received by us. If you can’t find the email containing your order confirmation, please check your spam or junk mail folders. Contact us if you have any queries about your order.

6. Can I order online if I do not live in South Africa?

You are able to place your order from anywhere, but we only deliver within South Africa.

7. Why does my honey (not) crystallise?

Honey is in liquid form when it is extracted from a beehive. Over time, the honey will naturally form crystals unit it has fully set. Depending on the type of honey, moisture levels and environmental temperatures, this process can be slower or faster. This means that depending on the type of (raw) honey, honey may still be liquid when recently bottled and only crystallise over time.
When honey is heated (as we do with our Farmstall Multiflora Liquid Honey), the honey becomes liquid again and remains liquid for longer. This makes the honey more suitable for use in a squeeze bottle.
If you would like to liquify your honey (if it has crystallised), gently warm it in hot water or leave in direct sunlight.

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