06th December 2022

Ostrich and Macadamia Nut Butter Pasta

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09th November 2022

A bee sting prevention guide for budding beekeepers

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06th September 2022

My honey has crystalised… now what?

The first time your golden jar of delicious honey began to crystalise may have set the alarm bells off. Before

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18th October 2021

What to do if you are stung by a bee…

Before we get started it is important to know that there is no need to fear a honeybee – they

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01st October 2021

Spiced date cake with cream cheese & honey frosting

By Drizzle ‘n Dip Cake: 400gms pitted dates 40gms Peel’s honey 1 ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) 300ml

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20th September 2021

Amarula Panna Cotta – with honey roasted figs and shortbread crumble

(Serves 4) 300ml Cream 200ml Amarula cream liqueur 250ml Milk 20ml Gelatin powder 60ml Peel’s honey (recommended: macadamia single source)

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27th August 2021

6 ways to reuse honey jars

If you’re as obsessed with honey as we are, chances are that you have a collection of glass jars collecting

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04th August 2021

The healing powers of honey

We’re all familiar with this scenario: Summer days get a little shorter, the air gets a little colder and, before

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27th June 2021

How bees impact the economy

Honey might be a deliciously sweet golden liquid produced by bees, but this seemingly simple food substance plays a far

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24th June 2021

Backyard beekeeping in South Africa

Backyard beekeeping is an interesting hobby that goes a long way toward promoting healthy honeybee populations. Honeybee’s play a very important

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12th March 2021

The honey debate – is honey vegan or not?

One of the ongoing debates is whether or not honey is fit for vegan consumption. If you pop that question

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18th February 2021

The origins of honey and where we are now

Looking back The history of honey is more mysterious than you might think. There are several theories attributed to the

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